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Simple & Effective Hair Loss Treatments

With some new scientific advances, you would think that by now there should be some cure for hair loss in both sexes. That notion is unfortunately wrong. There has not been a great breakthrough in reversal of hair loss in recent years. There are very effective treatments but they are not revolutionary. Hair loss treatment […]

Are More Black Woman Suffering Hair Loss?

Female hair loss occurs in all races. However, recently Dermatologists reports African American women in particular seem to be a growing trend. Why is that? A simple answer would be the extensive styles like extensions, braids and weaves as well as the styling aids used to create the look. Typically women who begin to lose […]

How Does Male Pattern Baldness Occur?

Many men ask themselves one particular question on a regular basis. They wonder if or when they will suffer from hair loss. When a man loses his hair, there are a few variables that could be causing this. Genetic hair loss is arguably the reason why certain men go bald. It is not uncertain whether […]

International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery

Dr. Glenn M. Charles is proud to be affiliated with the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery (ISHRS) whose mission is to to achieve excellence in patient outcomes by promoting member education, international collegiality, research, ethics, and public awareness. The vision is to establish the ISHRS as the leading unbiased authority in hair restoration surgery. […]

Consultation Tips

Why A Consultation? The consultation or initial appointment with your physician is the most important aspect in the selection of the surgeon and procedure. Your consultation is a learning experience in which you should have a clear understanding of your best options and tools to help you make your final decision. There might be a […]

How much time do you have to wait after the first procedure before getting the second one

Question:I am 52 years old with fairly extensive hair loss and am figuring that I am going to need at least two hair transplant procedures. How much time do you have to wait after the first procedure before getting the second one? Answer:Most hair restoration physicians would agree that the final results of any hair […]

Is it possible to take donor hair from the sides of the head

Question:I was wondering if it is possible to take donor hair for a hair transplant from the sides of the head instead of the back of the head. If you can do this, do you take hair from both sides keeping it even or just one side? Answer:Yes, it is possible to remove hair from […]

Is there a time of the year when it is better to get a hair transplant

Question:Is there a time of the year when it is better to get a hair transplant? Would recovering in the summer be uncomfortable because of the heat or maybe the cold of the winter would be good for transplanted hairs? Answer:There is no specific time of the year when hair transplantation works better. We have […]

What is a trichophytic closure

Question:Can you explain what a trichophytic closure is? Answer:A trichophytic closure is a specific type of donor site closure that is used during hair restoration surgery. The trichophytic closure is performed after a typical donor strip has been removed from the donor region of the patient. Prior to suturing of the wound, an additional ledge […]

Can FUT and FUE techniques be combined during one surgery

Question:Can FUT and FUE techniques be combined during one surgery? Answer:Yes. FUT (follicular unit transplantation) and FUE (Follicular Unit Excision) can be combined and be performed on the patient during the same surgery. Often if a patient would like additional grafts and the doctor does not feel comfortable taking out any larger of a donor […]

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