Charles Medical Group is proud to be the first clinic to offer the ARTAS Robotic-Assisted Follicular Unit Excision (FUE) procedure in the Southeastern United States. ARTAS Robotic-Assisted FUE is the most advanced option in hair transplant surgery.

The ARTAS robot is controlled by your doctor, who will be guided by images and assisted by a computer to provide the most precise method of harvesting grafts for a hair transplant.

The advantages of the ARTAS procedure include a higher number of follicular units harvested during a single session, minimal downtime, no linear scar from the procedure, and a higher survival rate of grafted hair.

If you would like to hear how the ARTAS Robotic-Assisted FUE procedure can help you achieve your hair-transplant goals, the staff at Charles Medical Group can answer any of your questions. Contact our office for a helpful consultation today.