For those looking for hair restoration without the invasiveness of the strip method, the ARTAS system is a great option worth considering. This state-of-the-art hair transplant procedure offers a computer-assisted image-guided system that brings an unprecedented level of precision to Follicular Unit Excision.

The robotic hair-graft-harvesting method can find the best possible hair to use for grafting while adjusting for numerous variables like patient movement or angle and density of the follicle. Part of this system is not only choosing the best hairs but also making sure that the area from which the hair is being transplanted continues to look full and covered after transplantation.

ARTAS does not take away the responsibility from the doctor, but it does much of the exhaustive labor that can lead to fatigue and human error when done manually.

To learn more about the ARTAS system, contact cosmetic surgeon Dr. Glenn Charles at our Boca Raton location.