Everyone has heard all sorts of benefits from drinking coffee, but very few are aware of the new breath of life a cup of joe could bring to dull lifeless hair! Looking to revitalize those locks? Here are a couple ways that coffee may just assist in just that!

What coffee may do for your hair!

The length and the quality of your hair depend a lot upon the health of your hair follicles. Coffee has been found as an ingredient in several shampoos and hair products because it stimulates not only mind and body but also the structure and growth of your hair roots!

Coffee can benefit your hair in the following ways:

~Treating Hair Loss~
Hair loss is a very common annoyance with many men and women alike. Nobody likes to lose their hair, especially when it results in balding. This can seriously affect a person’s self-confidence.

Men experience hair loss largely due to dihydrotestosterone (DHT), which damages vulnerable hair follicles. Once these follicles start getting smaller they disappear over time, affecting hair growth, eventually leading to baldness.

Coffee contains caffeine, so when it’s applied to the hair/scalp and get to the roots, it stimulates them, which is great for the hair! Coffee works through the root and bring about can bring about better hair development.

~Reestablish Hair Growth~
While the clinical effects of caffeine on encouraging hair growth, yet to be examined caffeine is a stimulant and may motivate hair follicles and hair shafts to grow quicker by blocking the effects of DHT. Along with making the hair follicles stronger and smoother, caffeine can also give your hair a natural sheen and make it more manageable.

~Side Effects of Using Coffee on Your Hair~
If you have light-colored hair such as platinum blonde, light red or light brunette, you will need to exercise caution when applying coffee oils and rinses to your tresses as they can darken them. Similarly, for those with dark brunette as well as gray hair, coffee can help darken them further

*Important to note that the results related to the benefits of coffee for hair were connected to topical applications, and not to the consumption of large amounts of coffee.