Are you unhappy with the appearance of your facial hair? A lot of people are either unable to grow facial hair or have facial hair that grows in patches and lacks fullness. Other individuals may be losing facial hair due to trauma, scarring, disease, and aging. For many, the inability to grow a proper beard, mustache, or set of sideburns can have a noticeable negative effect on their self-esteem.

At Charles Medical Group, we offer long-lasting and natural-looking facial hair transplantation. The procedure uses hair harvested from the scalp to fill in patchy or uneven facial hair. Each hair is transplanted individually with immense precision to ensure that they are position in the same direction that your facial hair naturally grows in. Transplanting the hairs one at a time allows for better control and personalized results.

If you want a full and luscious beard, contact Charles Medical Group to schedule a consultation for your facial hair transplantation procedure. Hair-restoration specialist Dr. Glenn Charles can provide you with the personalized care you need.