Florida Hair Transplant Surgeon Champions Fundraising for Toddler with Stage 4 Cancer

Florida, USA – September 4, 2018 – Dr. Glenn Charles is known for going above and beyond to help cancer survivors; now he is going to bat to support a crowdfunding campaign started by Core Medical Group in Delray Beach, Florida for a toddler with stage 4 high-risk Neuroblastoma.

Little Johnny Morris is a joy — but more than that, at the tender age of three years, he has already proven himself to be a fighter. After being diagnosed with cancer, he has already undergone 17 hours of surgery, around 40 hours of chemotherapy, stem cell transplants, advanced MIBG treatments, and has been under anesthesia more than 90 times. This little boy, however, continues his inspirational battle every day with smiles and love.

Johnny’s next step is a crucial one. He has been accepted into a program at Helen Devos Children’s Hospital, located in Grand Rapids, Michigan, to receive life-saving medicine designed to keep out the cancer cells. For Johnny’s family – who continues to incur a financial burden arising out of the intensive medical care he needs – it means many extensive travels that will be not only physically and emotionally challenging, but financially as well.

Refusing to give up the fight for their little boy, Johnny’s close family friend Sidney Gordon, CEO of Core Medical Group, started a GoFundMe campaign on August 29, 2018. Now they have Dr. Glenn Charles on their side.

Dr. Charles, has announced that for the entire month of September, $100 from every procedure he performs at Charles Medical Group – SmartGraft and FUT Procedures, PRP Treatments, Laser Therapy Devices – will be donated to Johnny’s GoFundMe campaign.

In 2012, Dr. Charles made headlines when he performed a groundbreaking FUE (Follicular Unit Excision) procedure Pro Bono from one identical twin and implanted in the other. In this case, the twins were Alex and Austin Ford in Miami. Alex had been diagnosed with a brain stem tumor and multiple lesions along his spine, and though he ultimately beat the cancer, he was left bald and subject to judgement, derision, and bouts of extreme self-consciousness. With the help of Dr. Charles and hair follicles donated by Austin, Alex has regained his youthful appearance and restored some of his self confidence.

Dr. Charles, who has three children of his own, makes it a point to use his expertise to better people’s lives. “As a friend of Sidney’s, I heard Johnny’s story and felt compelled to help. This is an unimaginable circumstance – anything we can do to contribute to this little warrior’s cause or help lessen the financial burden on the family is what we are going to do” he said.

Dr. Glenn Charles is a member of the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery (ISHRS) and former president of the American Board of Hair Restoration Surgery. For a list of the hair restoration procedures offered by Charles Medical Group, visit To donate directly to the #JohnnyStrong crowdfunding campaign, go to

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