Forehead Reduction Surgery at Charles Medical Group

Forehead reduction surgery, also known as hairline lowering, is a specialized procedure designed to address a high or wide forehead, enhancing facial symmetry and creating a more balanced profile. At Charles Medical Group, our approach to forehead reduction is rooted in meticulous planning and execution to ensure that the results complement your natural features and meet your aesthetic goals.

Candidacy for Forehead Reduction

Determining whether you’re a suitable candidate for forehead reduction is the first step in the journey to achieving a harmonious facial profile. Ideal candidates typically possess:

  • A naturally high hairline or large forehead.
  • Good scalp laxity, which allows for the hairline to be advanced forward.
  • Realistic expectations about the results of the surgery.
  • Good overall health to undergo the procedure.

During your consultation with Dr. Glenn Charles, your forehead structure will be assessed, and medical history will be reviewed to ensure that forehead reduction is the right option for you.

The Surgical Process

Forehead reduction surgery is performed under local anesthesia with sedation or general anesthesia, depending on the individual case. The procedure involves:

  1. Making an incision along the natural hairline, where the resulting scar can be easily concealed by hair.
  2. Removing a predetermined strip of forehead skin, effectively lowering the hairline to a more desirable position.
  3. Meticulously closing the incision to minimize scarring and ensure a seamless transition between the hair-bearing scalp and forehead.

Dr. Charles’ extensive experience in hair restoration surgery means that every incision is made with an eye for natural growth patterns and future hairline aesthetics.

Integration with Hair Transplant Techniques

For patients who require more than just a lowering of the hairline, Charles Medical Group offers the integration of forehead reduction with hair transplant techniques such as FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) and FUT (Follicular Unit Transplantation). This combination can:

  • Enhance the density of the hairline.
  • Create a more natural-looking transition.
  • Address any potential thinning or hair loss at the hairline.

By tailoring the procedure to include hair transplantation, Dr. Charles can craft a hairline that not only lowers the forehead but also looks fuller and completely natural.

Expected Outcomes and Recovery

After forehead reduction surgery, patients can expect:

  • Immediate visibility of a lower hairline.
  • A recovery period typically lasting 1 to 2 weeks, with most patients returning to work within 10 days.
  • Mild to moderate swelling and bruising, which subsides within a few days to a week.

Dr. Charles and his team will provide you with detailed aftercare instructions to ensure a smooth and efficient healing process. Tips for recovery include:

  • Keeping the head elevated to reduce swelling.
  • Following medication guidelines to manage discomfort and promote healing.
  • Avoiding strenuous activities until cleared by Dr. Charles.

Why Choose Charles Medical Group for Forehead Reduction

Choosing Charles Medical Group for your forehead reduction means entrusting your appearance to one of the leading hair restoration experts in Boca Raton, Florida. Dr. Glenn Charles brings over two decades of experience and a deep understanding of facial aesthetics to every procedure. With a commitment to achieving the most natural-looking results possible, our practice ensures that your journey to a more balanced facial profile is in the hands of a skilled and compassionate surgeon.

For those considering forehead reduction to enhance facial symmetry, Charles Medical Group offers the expertise and artistry necessary to achieve your desired outcome. Contact us to schedule a consultation and begin your transformation.