In the colder months, we focus on our skin and how the weather makes it dry, and scaly. People are quick to get that silky smooth skin using skin scrubs and exfoliators, but, we tend to neglect one very important area of skin…the scalp! Cold air and fake heat can dry out and damage our hair! Maybe you lean towards a more moisturizing conditioner, or a thick hair mask once in a while, what you have to remember is healthy hair starts with healthy roots…in the scalp! Clogged hair follicles or flaky scalp does not help grow strong strands; it could result in hair thinning and even hair loss! So, why just exfoliate skin when you could also exfoliate your scalp. Many beauty and hair brands are coming out with hair scrubs and exfoliators to help eliminate oil, product, and dead skin build up. So, next time you’re getting ready to brush away that wintery gator skin, don’t forget about your scalp to help scrub away dead skin and promote healthy, shiny hair!