The winter months can be a brutal season with dry air and colder temperatures that can cause stress on hair (for women AND men). Dandruff, dry/itchy scalp, and dull hair are just a couple of the adverse effects that the winter months can have on a healthy head of hair. Here are a few tips on keeping your hair healthy through the coldest time of year.

~Wash Hair Less: There is a difference between cleaning & shampooing hair. Shampooing hair every time you shower is not necessary, especially during the winter months. Shampooing strips the essential oils from the scalp. Rinsing hair under a shower head quickly is plenty to make sure hair stay clean. Shampooing is fine every other day or so, but if you are experiencing a dry, itchy, scalp with lifeless hair, maybe consider shampooing every 2-3 days. If this is not doable make sure you condition your hair….note the tip:

~USE CONDITIONER: Many people (especially men) forget the importance of conditioning their every time they shower! Conditioning hair has many benefits. It makes hair silky & smooth and nourishes strands protecting them from the dry weather outside. It also keeps the scalp clean, dirt-free, and healthy.

~Choose Hair Care Products Wiseley: While it’s normal to use product on hair, make sure you use ones that are free of harsh chemicals, especially during the colder months. Be sure to ask a professional which product would be good for your hair, as there are different products for different hair types.

~Cutting Hair to Keep it Fresh: Many people get the impression that frequent hair trims can lead to hair fall, or their hair won’t grow as fast. The truth is that hair fall (most of the time) depends on genetics, not the frequency of which you get your hair cut. It’s healthy to have hair trimmed every 4-6 weeks to keep hair fresh looking.