There have been more and more women experiencing hair loss. Could it be due to how they’re wearing their hair while working out?

It could be caused by something called traction-alopecia: constant drawing back of the hair.

“Constantly wearing your hair pulled back tight or sporting a tight headband when you work out could lead to hair loss, which could be permanent”, says Dr. Glenn Charles, hair restoration doctor in Boca Raton, FL.

Keeping the hair pulled back tight can tug hair out and can harm the root.

Good news though, traction-alopecia can be reversed!

If you notice some hair loss on your hairline…stop what you’re doing!

Dr. Charles states, wearing your hair down for a sufficient amount of time is going to allow it to recover & eventually start to grow back.

Traction-alopecia can also become apparent to men and women that wear their hair long and wear it up all day for work or school.

Next time you think about throwing those locks up on the top of your crown, consider the effects that slicked back do may cause and maybe opt for a more laid back loose look.