When going in for a hair transplant (or any surgical procedure) you should feel confident and comfortable with the decision you have made and the surgeon you have picked! During your consultation don’t be afraid to ask questions, the more educated you are the better you are going to feel on procedure day! Not sure what to ask? Here are some great questions to ask in any hair transplant consultation.

What are the doctor’s credentials and experience?
Here at Charles Medical Group, you will speak to our patient coordinator as well the Dr. Charles himself. You will be free to ask any questions regarding experience and credentials if you so wish! It is always important to make sure that any person performing a surgical procedure is properly trained and licensed in their specialty!

How long will my procedure last?
You should have a good idea of how long a procedure is going to take so you can plan travel and other factors surrounding the procedure. Each patient procedure is different and takes different amounts of time.

Will my hair transplant be obvious & what is the recovery time?
You should comfortable asking this if it is a concern so that the doctor can help with ways to make the procedure less noticeable and give you a clear understanding of how much time you may need to take off of work (a lot of times not at all).

Will it be painful?
A lot of patients are hesitant to ask this question (especially men). It is normal to want to have an idea of what level of pain (if any) you can expect during the procedure. There are plenty of pre and post op means that will make you feel at ease about your surgery. Usually the only discomfort is during the first 5-10 minutes of anesthesia administration.

How much will it cost?
Patients should be open about this topic. The patient coordinator will speak to you about different payment/financing options and the way we charge. As stated before, each procedure is different and will be priced on a case to case basis.

Do you have any more specific questions for us? Call to set up your complimentary consultation today! We will be more than happy to give you any & all information necessary for you to feel confident in your hair transplant clinic choice☺ 561.395.5544