Alopecia refers to a wide array of conditions that cause hair loss. This includes male-pattern baldness and female-pattern hair loss (androgenetic alopecia), as well as alopecia areata (hair loss caused by an autoimmune disorder).

Traction alopecia is an interesting form of hair loss. Unlike the other forms, which are commonly caused by genetics, traction alopecia occurs when the hair is pulled tightly back frequently or for extended periods of time.

Hairstyles like ponytails, pigtails, and braids can cause traction alopecia to occur if they are frequently worn and overly tight. The constant strain on the hair and scalp will cause the hairline to recede.

If you want to preserve your hair, remember that your choice of hairstyle can have a major impact. If you are currently suffering from the effects of traction alopecia and would like to find a way to restore your hair, contact our office to schedule a consultation with hair-transplant surgeon Dr. Glenn Charles.