Many men ask themselves one particular question on a regular basis. They wonder if or when they will suffer from hair loss. When a man loses his hair, there are a few variables that could be causing this. Genetic hair loss is arguably the reason why certain men go bald. It is not uncertain whether you will lose your hair at the same time as your parents or grandparents.

How do men lose hair?

Men usually lose their hair from Androgenetic Aplopecia, also known as “male pattern baldness. The area from the hairline to the crown is what would be affected by genetic hair loss.

When do men lose hair?

Your genetics will determine when you will begin losing your hair. For some patients hair loss starts occurring in their teenage years, whereas some may not lose hair until their sixties, or even later.

What causes hair loss?

Testosterone is converted to Dihydrotestosterone. Men with Androgenetic Alopecia have DHT receptors on the hairs that will be affected. Initial signs are the hair weakening and becoming more brittle, otherwise known as miniaturization. And overtime, those hairs will typically fall out.

What are some effective treatments?

There are many treatments that can help to prevent hair loss. The FDA has listed Propecia, Mioxidil, and laser therapy as approved methods for fighting hair loss. Unfortunately these treatments are not guaranteed to work for everyone; also they are all designed to fight hair loss, and cannot be expected to regrow hair. The only proven method to regrow hair is through hair transplantation. Hair transplants can restore a patient’s self-confidence and improve his appearance.

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