One of the most common questions people have prior to their hair-transplantation procedure is in regards to how long it will take for their scalp to heal and their hair to look normal. Although this varies between patients based on the amount of hair being transplanted, the choice of procedures, and the patient’s body processes, the average time it takes for a patient to see their full results is between 12 to 15 months.

It can take an average of four months for the newly transplanted hair follicles to begin growing. After roughly seven months, the amount of hair growth will drastically increase and patients can begin styling their hair.

After a year, the hair will be longer, thicker, and stronger. After your initial procedure, any additional treatments will not provide the same amount of rapid hair growth, but the results of the initial procedure will have already provided noticeable improvement.

If you are worried about how effective your procedure will be, how natural your results will look, or anything else regarding hair transplantation, contact Charles Medical Group to schedule a consultation. Hair-transplant surgeon Dr. Glenn Charles will inform you of what you can expect so you can make an informed decision regarding your treatment.