Should you be concerned when you finish taking a shower, look down and see a clump of hair on the floor? Probably not, but, it really depends HOW much hair we are talking about.

On average, people lose between 50 to150 hairs per day. When people lose significantly more than this, it’s considered excessive hair loss and may be something to have concern with.

Loss of a large amount of weight in a short period, stress, something small like a change in medications, or recovering from a surgery or an illness are all reasons a person could experience sudden excessive hair loss . But wait! There is good news; this kind of hair loss is typically temporary.

Hair loss can have different causes. Some of these include hereditary hair loss, harsh hair products, or the way your immune system reacts to certain medications or procedures. The only way hair loss can stop is by addressing the underlying cause.

So… what’s normal? Normal is Natural hair loss. This is the 50 to 150 hairs you lose per day that can occur any time you pull on or brush your hair. This should not be a concern as your hair is constantly going from the growth phase to the fall-out phase.

But, it may be time to address concern to a doctor if you begin to see any major changes in your hair loss. Some of these things include itching and burning on the scalp, and unusual patterns of hair loss. Any causes could be to blame whether it be medical, stress, illness or even that super tight sleek hairdo you’re wearing!

As a matter of fact, tight updos, tight ponytails, and braids can cause something called traction alopecia. On the upside, this is reversible. While you may want to just lay off the updos and wait for hair to grow back, it is important to see a dermatologist or your general practice doctor to help you understand the cause of any changes you may be experiencing, since other kinds of hair loss — including ones that require medical attention — can look very similar.

Being able to diagnose what is causing a person’s hair loss is not easy so it is important to see a doctor to help in reversing and even stopping the loss or fallout if caught early enough!

Point: There’s a very good chance that chunk of hair in your shower is part of the normal 100ish hairs you lose each day — but if you begin to notice major changes, see your doctor!