How is your no shave November going? With only a little over a week to left, is your beard/mustache lightly showing, full, groomed, shaped??? Or are you like a lot of men, and not able to grow facial hair? Many men that experience patchy spots when trying to grow facial hair, if you are one of these men, there’s good news! By now you must know about hair transplants to the scalp…the same thing can be done to the face!

The number of men making appointments for facial hair transplants has grown immensely. The process is performed the same way as a hair transplant to the scalp: Dr. Charles will remove hair from the “donor area” on the scalp (the back lower area of the scalp) using either FUT or FUE (use of the ARTAS robot) procedure and relocating the hair to the areas on the face where hair is needed (beard, mustache, sideburns etc.).

Tired of not being able to grow in a full thick beard? Visit our website HERE for more information regarding the ARTAS robot, facial hair transplants and more information about Dr. Charles. You can also give our patient coordinator a call at 561.395.5544 to talk about your hair restoration options!