With the extreme ups and downs of hormones before, during, and after pregnancy, there are a lot changes the body will experience. One of which is how hair is affected. Here are a couple of different things that some women experience throughout their pregnancy!

Change in TextureThere are many women that talk about their locks going from stick straight to bouncy vibrant curls (and vice versa) during their pregnancies. While this is not the most common hair change that women experience, it definitely does happen! This happens because the follicle shape can change making hair straight to frizzy or from curly to straight. This sometimes happens during puberty (another time hormones take charge). For most, hair will go back to its original state, but that can take over a year. Good thing there are hundreds of products that can keep hair the way you want it! But hey, sometimes a new look isn’t always a bad thing.

Lifeless Hair

Make sure you are taking in the proper amount of vitamins and nutrients. Deficiency of protein can be the cause of hair becoming dull or lifeless throughout pregnancy. Be sure to talk to your doctor to make sure your diet is right!

Experiencing Sudden Growth Spurts

Some women notice hair feeling thicker than usual. This is due to the cycle of growth hair goes through and how it is effected throughout pregnancy. Due to the large increase in estrogen during pregnancy, shedding can slow down a lot! This makes it seem like your hair is growing more, when actually it’s just your hair shedding less. Hair will typically become thicker and fuller.

Hair Loss in Large Doses

Now that we’ve talked about the excitement of hair becoming thicker during pregnancy, let’s talk about the aftermath. Typically once the baby is born it is normal to experience hair loss. Hormone levels begin to decrease and hair sails quickly through the resting phase causing larger amounts of hair to go through the shedding/being replaced all at once. Do not fret, hair will usually go back to its normal cycle 6-9 months after birth (each person is different). To help hair look fuller if you experience hair loss, use shampoos and conditioners that are full of keratin and even a root volumizer!

May Need a Change in Color During the first trimester, anything absorbed through the scalp should be closely checked, including hair dyes, which can have harsh chemicals. Many women steer clear of hair coloring or opt for techniques that don’t come in contact directly with the scalp such a foils or balayage (which is a ‘painting’ technique to strands) which are safer options for pregnancy.

Each Pregnancy is Different…So Changes May Be As Well

Each individual’s hormone balance is not something that can be predetermined so it is virtually impossible to tell which hair changes you may or may not experience. Also, each pregnancy is different, so while you may not experience any changes the first go around, the second pregnancy you may experience EVERY hair change!