It is hard to cover up a receding hairline. When the hair begins to thin around the front of your head, it creates an uneven and odd-looking hairline that is easily noticed by others. This issue can diminish your self-esteem and your comfort with your appearance.

At Charles Medical Group, we can restore your hairline using microscopic hair transplants. This procedure will harvest follicular units from an area of your head with the most hair density.

They can then be separated with the help of a high-powered microscope by our skilled technicians into groups of one, two, three, or four hairs. These hairs can be precisely placed one unit at a time to create a natural-looking and fuller hairline.

Hair transplant surgeon Dr. Glenn Charles has over 15 years of experience in providing natural-looking and professionally executed hair-transplant surgeries. He can provide you with the personalized surgery you need to have a hairline that you can feel confident about. Contact us to schedule a consultation.