Hair loss at the vertex, or the crown region of the scalp, can be particularly distressing as it’s often more noticeable and can signify the progression of balding. At Charles Medical Group, the challenge of restoring hair to this area is met with cutting-edge solutions and a meticulous approach tailored by Dr. Glenn Charles and his experienced team.

Understanding Vertex Hair Loss

The vertex is a common site for hair thinning and balding, which can begin with a small bald spot and expand outward. This pattern of hair loss is frequently associated with male pattern baldness but can affect anyone. The vertex region poses unique challenges due to its spiral hair growth pattern, making it crucial to replicate this natural direction in hair transplants for an undetectable result.

Customized Solutions with Advanced Techniques

Dr. Glenn Charles employs advanced surgical techniques such as Follicular Unit Excision (FUE) and the ARTAS® Robotic System in vertex restoration. FUE involves the precise extraction of individual hair follicles from a donor area, which are then strategically transplanted to the vertex. The ARTAS® Robotic System enhances this process, offering unparalleled precision and minimizing downtime.

Strategic Planning in Hair Transplantation

Successful vertex restoration requires a strategic approach. Dr. Charles meticulously plans the transplantation process, considering factors such as the angle, density, and direction of hair growth to seamlessly integrate the new hair with existing follicles. This attention to detail is crucial for achieving a natural appearance.

Seeing is Believing: Success Stories

Charles Medical Group boasts a gallery of before-and-after images showcasing the transformative results of their vertex hair restoration procedures. These images are a testament to the personalized care and expert technique that Dr. Charles provides, offering hope and reassurance to potential patients.

Enhancing Results with Non-Surgical Treatments

In conjunction with surgical options, Charles Medical Group offers non-surgical treatments such as Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) therapy and the LaserCap®. PRP therapy can stimulate the scalp and strengthen hair follicles, while the LaserCap® promotes circulation and hair growth. These treatments can enhance and sustain the health of the scalp and the longevity of transplantation results.


For individuals experiencing hair loss at the crown, Charles Medical Group offers a beacon of hope with their expert solutions for vertex hair restoration. Dr. Charles and his team combine advanced technology with strategic, artistic planning to achieve results that truly replicate the natural hair pattern. The additional support of non-surgical therapies further underscores their commitment to comprehensive patient care. Through personalized treatment plans and state-of-the-art techniques, patients can look forward to reviving their scalp’s appearance with confidence.