Thinning hair can be a disheartening experience that affects millions of individuals worldwide.

At Charles Medical Group, under the expert guidance of Dr. Glenn M. Charles, patients find renewed hope in the battle against hair thinning. With a repertoire of innovative hair restoration solutions, the clinic stands at the forefront of transforming lives through advanced hair treatment strategies.

Tailored Treatments for Thinning Hair

Understanding that each case of hair thinning is unique, Charles Medical Group takes a personalized approach to treatment. Dr. Charles, with over two decades of experience, begins with a thorough evaluation to understand the specific pattern, cause, and stage of hair thinning. This initial consultation is crucial in crafting a customized treatment plan that addresses the individual needs of the patient.

Advanced Hair Restoration Techniques

For those who require surgical intervention, the clinic offers Follicular Unit Excision (FUE) and Follicular Unit Grafting (FUG), two of the most advanced and refined hair transplantation techniques available today. FUE involves the precise extraction of individual hair follicles from the donor area, which are then strategically transplanted to the thinning areas. This minimally invasive method boasts quick recovery times and leaves no linear scars. On the other hand, FUG, also known as the strip method, involves removing a strip of hair-bearing skin from the donor area before dissecting it into individual grafts. This technique is often favored for its ability to transplant a large number of grafts in a single session.

Non-Surgical Alternatives for Hair Rejuvenation

Recognizing that not all patients are candidates for or interested in surgery, Charles Medical Group provides several non-surgical treatments as well. Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP) is an innovative cosmetic tattoo technique that creates the illusion of a fuller head of hair by depositing pigment into the scalp. Additionally, the clinic offers LaserCap® therapy, which uses low-level light therapy to stimulate hair growth at the cellular level, enhancing the thickness and health of existing hair.

Preventative Measures and Long-Term Maintenance

Dr. Charles emphasizes the importance of ongoing maintenance and preventative care in sustaining hair health. Patients are advised on lifestyle adjustments, nutritional changes, and medical treatments that can slow the progression of hair thinning. Options such as finasteride and minoxidil are often recommended for their proven efficacy in preventing further hair loss.

State-of-the-Art Technology and Expertise

The integration of cutting-edge technology and the expertise of Dr. Charles is what sets Charles Medical Group apart. The clinic utilizes the ARTAS® Robotic System for enhanced precision in hair graft harvesting, and the WAW FUE System for minimally traumatic follicle extraction. Each technology-driven method is designed to optimize outcomes and ensure the most natural-looking results possible.


For those grappling with the reality of thinning hair, Charles Medical Group offers a beacon of hope. Dr. Charles and his dedicated team are committed to providing the most advanced treatment options, tailored to each patient’s unique situation. With an array of surgical and non-surgical solutions, combined with preventative strategies, patients can expect to achieve a revitalized appearance and a boost in confidence. If you’re seeking an expert hair restoration specialist in Florida, look no further than Charles Medical Group, where innovative solutions meet individualized care and attention.