*Not rinsing shampoo out completely
Be sure to rinse out ALL shampoo from your hair when washing. Residue from leftover shampoo can possibly do more harm than not shampooing enough as it can attract dirt causing hair to get greasier.

*Choosing the wrong hairstyle for your hair
The “right” hairstyle for you incorporates a lot of factors such as: face shape, hair type, personality, lifestyle and just overall style. People with thinning hair should find a style that doesn’t draw attention to the thinning.

*Trying to cover your bald patch by growing hair long
Hair loss is just one part of growing older, and happens quicker for those with the hair loss gene. Trying to hide a receding hairline by growing more hair at the front of the head makes bald patches more obvious.

*Washing too often or not enough
Don’t over wash your hair. The amount you should wash your hair should depend on hair type, quality, products being used and or how much you are sweating on a regular basis.

*Scratching the scalp when washing your hair
Avoid scratching the scalp and focus more on creating a massage motion when washing the hair. Scratching may cause scalp irritation and hair follicles to weaken and fall. Massaging your scalp gently while shampooing facilitates proper blood circulation.