Let’s face it, people will try every product on the market for hair that healthy & grows! There is nothing wrong with using any or all of these “solutions”, but topical products won’t give results unless the root problem of the issue is solved! That being said, there are a couple of topical oils that are considered beneficiary when it comes to wanting to achieve longer, thicker hair while working on a cellular level.

Bhringraj oil

This light-weight oil is one of the best known Ayurveda remedies for hair loss. It’s been said that using the oil for at least one month can result in noticeably softer and fuller locks. This oil is a blend of sesame seed & False Daisy. This oil has also been known to help in slowing down early greying and enhance growth.

Castor oil

This is thicker oil that is comprised of a large amount of Vitamin E, minerals, and proteins. Because this oil has more viscosity, it is a little more difficult to wash out, but the benefits of smoother and thicker hair are worth the little extra elbow work. Castor oil is anti-microbial in nature. Because of this, blood circulation of the scalp will increase which will minimize scalp diseases and infections. It should be used overnight and refrain from using a harsh shampoo to wash it out. Your hair should be healthier in no time!

Argan oil

Argan oil is the ultimate remedy for dry, damaged hair, as well as promotes hair health and moisture from root to tip. This oil penetrates through the hair shafts and provides profound nourishment. Argan oil is rich in doses of Vitamins E & F as well as anti-oxidants that can be used for growth and promotes thick, lustrous hair.