Many men in their mid-20s tend to start getting a little concerned about hair loss, and have every reason to be, since a lot of men begin to experience male pattern baldness at around that age. On average, men tend to experience pattern baldness more than women. Baldness is very common, and can be caused by many different reasons. Some of the more common patterns are receding hairline, thinning in the crown region and temporal loss.

Often, men that experience hair loss, especially younger men, take a huge blow to their self-esteem. Many of them feel like it can make them appear older than they are or look unattractive. Here are a couple facts about hair loss in men that you may not know:

Fact #1: Although once male pattern baldness sets in it usually takes at least 10-15 years for men to lose all their hair, sometimes it falls as quick as 5 years.

Fact #2: Male pattern baldness can be caused by the rise in hormones called androgens in the body. This can also be caused by side effects of some surgical procedures or certain diseases.

Fact #3: Extreme emotional stress and sexual frustration are some of the main stress related hair loss issues in men.

Fact #4: Male pattern baldness is a genetic condition; however, it can also be brought upon by smoking heavy amounts of cigarettes. There are many research studies that show that smoking brings on hormonal changes.

Fact #5: Although male pattern baldness is not curable, a person can lessen the amount of hair fall or avoid its early start by exercising, following a healthy diet, refraining from smoking etc.

Fact #6: Many times, due to lowered self-esteem and lack of confidence, male pattern baldness can lead to anxiety and even depression.