Having SOME hair loss is completely normal, but if you think you’re experiencing more hair fall than usual, there are some quick tests you can use as home to check for irregular hair loss.

Hair loss experts agree that it is typical for an average person to lose between 50-100 strands of hair per day — especially as you get older. Hair goes through a cycle of growth, dormant phase, falling out, then regrowth. Don’t freak out at the first sight of hair loss, as it is completely normal for hair to fall out. However, if you feel as though you may be experiencing MORE than regular hair loss, and want to test your own rate of hair loss, here are two ways to check:

1. The Pull Test: Run your fingers through about 50-60 hairs and lightly pull. It’s typical to see 5-8 hairs in your hand. If you see 15 to 20 hairs, you could be losing more hair than normal.

2. The Comb Test: Before you shampoo your hair, comb from the back of the top of your head to the front of the scalp for one minute. Do this while leaning over a lightly colored sheet or towel, then count the hairs on the sheet. It is suggested you should see about 10 hairs. If you see a large number more than that, you could be experiencing more hair loss than normal.

These 2 tests will give you either peace of mind or give you a little push to do take the next steps in finding out the cause of your hair loss, slowing down further hair loss, or find out other options (laser treatment, PRP, medication or even a hair transplant procedure. You can’t fix a problem until you know about it, right? With that said, you shouldn’t be overly concerned with the actual number of strands you lose, but to any increases in those numbers over time. Don’t drive yourself crazy counting hairs every day, if you feel uncomfortable with the amount of hair loss you have, first meet with your primary care physician. You can always set up a complimentary consultation with our patient coordinator & meet with Dr. Charles to discuss your hair loss concerns & options.

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