A “good hair day”; does this come from more than just waking up on the right side of the bed & locks landing precisely where we want them? Do our “dos” say more emotionally, as well as aesthetically in life? For the most part, people accept that looks are important to some extent. When it comes to personal, professional, and social aspects of life, appearance in many cases can make a huge impact. We have all heard and attempt to live by the idea that “it’s what’s on the inside that counts”. Well, we also know from everyday living & common sense that good health, hygiene, and an appealing appearance do, in fact, impact our lives. There are a couple of different angles to approach the idea that our hair plays a role in our self-confidence:

  1. The Past: Self-image goes back to the ancient Greek & Roman era where elaborate wigs were signs of wealth & status worn like a crown. The colonial era was similar. Decorative white wigs were adorned by political figures & judges to show wisdom, class & sophistication.
  2. Biological: By human nature we tend to look at newborn babies with a full head of hair as more vigorous than those with only a little. As children age, early facial hair on males is connected with virility & luscious thick hair is equated with female sexuality & sensuality. Then as we age thinning hair & connected with aging & lowered fertility.
  3. Aesthetically: In terms of first impressions they say the face is the first feature noticed, second being the body, when it comes to attraction between people. Hair frames the face and is one of the top 3 features, along with height & weight that people use when describing others & one of the first characteristics remembered after a social encounter occurs.
  4. Self-Confidence: Our confidence in ourselves is very much related to our sense of attractiveness. People usually feel better about themselves when they are in control, and one’s hair is a way all of us can be in charge. We have the ability to transform hair with style, cut, color and control it through curling, straightening etc. Styled locks give people the outside appearance of having themselves managed & can help have that same feeling inside.
  5. Aging with Beauty: As we age, we begin to face life’s changes that are inevitable, such as things like decline in strength, flexibility and mental awareness. Hair enhancements, as we get older allow us to still have control and make a huge difference in how we feel about our looks as we age. In this ever changing world so full of things out of our control, it’s reassuring to know that having a good hair day can help us be mentally & emotionally confident in ourselves to take on whatever each day may bring.