There are a lot of options for hair rejuvenation. Some you can buy over the counter or online. You may even spot a few places that advertise hair-restoration treatments while driving around town. The problem with these options is that they either don’t work or don’t provide the results they advertise.

At Charles Medical Group, we are capable of delivering high-quality and natural-looking results, because we have highly advanced medical technology and unparalleled expertise.

Hair-transplant surgeon Dr Glenn Charles has studied and trained extensively in the field of hair-restoration surgery and has published several highly renowned articles and textbooks on the subject. He is also expertly trained in the use of the ARTAS Hair Restoration System, a highly advanced piece of technology.

If you are looking for a hair-restoration surgeon who can provide you with the high-quality results you want, contact Charles Medical Group to schedule a consultation. Dr. Charles can provide you with the personalized care you desire.