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LaserCap Nonsurgical Hair Regrowth Boca Raton

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The nonsurgical hair re-growth treatment many have been looking for is finally here, and it is called the LaserCap. Available for purchase through less than 30 physicians internationally Dr. Glenn M. Charles is proud to offer this advanced technology to patients looking to achieve fuller, thicker, better quality hair. The Lasercap comes packaged with a power pack, battery charger, a one year warranty and a stylish carrying case that is great to use for both storage and traveling. It even comes with a hat to get you started.

The Lasercap is ideal for men and women that are noticing thinning, balding or a receding hairline and want to correct their hair loss dilemma. This nonsurgical, portable, easy to use hair restoration option is great for men and women that are looking to achieve fuller more beautiful hair. Typically results are seen in 60 days, however some patients experience results in less time.

Some of the best candidates for Lasercap are young men that are suffering from the beginning stages of male pattern baldness. Women of all ages with thinning hair also tend to have positive results from the Lasercap. The technology in Lasercap has even shown to be beneficial in assisting wound healing for patients who have already undergone hair transplant surgery.

Composed of 224 individual 650nm 5mW lasers for both the utmost efficacy and scalp exposure, the Lasercap is the most powerful at-home hair restoration device on the market. Using low level laser therapy, the Lasercap is ten times more powerful than the leading consumer device, and is compatible with many other types of hair loss therapies such as Rogaine/Minoxodil and Propecia/Finasteride. Only requiring about 30 minutes a day 3-4 times per week , the Lasercap is less time consuming than in office procedures and is much more affordable.

They have done an incredible job…

Thank you very much for your attention. I am very happy with the results of the surgery. After 3 months only I already have full hair coverage in all the affected areas and don’t need to use the hair clips like I used to do for many years. Please give my beast regards to Dr. Charles and the team. They have done an incredible job and have brought back my confidence and smile. Atanaska

Do not waste your money on expensive over-the-counter and infomercial gimmicks that promise you a full head of hair, but then let you down. Made in the USA, the Lasercap is constructed with the highest quality parts, making it a one-time investment that will last for many years. Lasercap can even be shared. The versatile shape allows it to fit effortlessly in both men’s and women’s’ hats, and can be easily sanitized by wiping the surface with a moist cloth or alcohol wipe.

LasercapThe hands-free feature makes the Lasercap easy to use. Its revolutionary design allows it to fit discretely inside of your favorite hat, so you can wear it anywhere. To use, simply slip the Lasercap into any hat, then connect the battery pack and turn on the power switch. It is as easy as that. Wear the Lasercap while working out, watching TV, driving the kids to school, on the job, making dinner or cleaning the house; so light and comfortable you will forget you have it on. Concealed under your hat, no one else will know you are treating your hair loss while you go about your normal day to day activities. For added simplicity, the Lasercap comes with a rechargeable battery that has a green indicator light to let you know when it is done charging and ready to be used.

Contact Charles Medical Group today to schedule your LaserCap complimentary consultation. Dr. Glen Charles has been serving the areas of Miami, Fort Lauderdale and Del Ray Beach for years and is a pioneer in hair transplant surgery. If you are looking to restore lost or thinning hair, schedule your free consultation today!

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