I am female, 36 years old with hair loss at my hairline. I do not think my hairline has receded but the hair has lost a lot of its density there. I would like a transplant along this region. Where would the donor site be? Will there be any scarring in the donor site? I wear my hair differently all the time with braiding, corn rows, etc. I do not want scars anywhere on my head.

In patients who are considering hair transplantation surgery and are adamant about not having any scarring anywhere on the scalp and in the donor region, it is recommended that an FUE (Follicular Unit Excision) procedure be performed.

Follicular Unit Excision is a process of hair transplantation surgery where the donor grafts are removed on an individual basis from the donor area with tiny scars that are not visible in the donor area following the procedure.

The patient should be aware that prior to an FUE procedure almost the entire back of the head in the donor area will need to be shaved very short to somewhere between a #0 or a #1 on a clipper hair removal system.

Posted by: Dr. Charles