After a hair transplant does the hair grow at a normal rate? Will the color and curl be the same?

Following hair transplantation procedures there is a three to five month delay in the growth of the transplanted follicles. This is called the dormant phase of the hair follicles and is a normal occurrence following hair restoration procedures.

Once the transplanted hairs begin to grow, they generally will grow at between one-quarter and one-half inch of growth per month. This is really determined by how fast the patient’s hair normally grows. The transplanted hairs, once they start to grow, should grow at the same rate on that particular patient’s head as the non-transplanted hairs.

The color should be the same as prior to hair transplantation. As far as a curl or straightness of the hair following hair transplantation procedures, there can be a temporary difference in the normal texture of the hair. It is not uncommon for the first few months following the growth of hair transplant procedures for the hair to be a little more brittle and kinky and curly than the donor hairs were previous to the transplant.

Posted by: Dr. Charles