I am female, 47 years old and am experiencing hair loss due to hormonal problems. I decided to have a hair transplant and was surprised at how comfortable I was with that decision. I thought I would have anxiety about the procedure and all I feel is relief. Are there any medications that I should stop taking prior to my transplant? What about afterward?

A detailed history must be taken on all patients who are considering having hair transplant procedures. All medications the patient is currently taking, including over-the-counter products, must be disclosed to the physician, especially those that are prescribed by another physician. These medications will be reviewed by the hair transplantation physician and it will be determined if any of the medications will need to be stopped prior to the procedure and when they can be restarted.

At my clinic we do give out a specific list of all medications that are contraindicated during the procedure and those that need to be stopped prior to and/or after the procedure for a short period of time.

Posted by: Dr. Charles