Does LLLT stop hair loss or does it actually work to regrow hair loss?

Low-level laser therapy (LLLT) is used to try and help prevent hair loss, try and help promote hair growth and to promote wound healing as well as quicker hair growth with less shock loss following hair transplantation procedures.

We do know that it does increase circulation to the scalp and increases the cellular turnover in the area treated with the laser. This has been theorized to possibly prevent further hair loss as well as take hairs that are miniaturized and going through the hair loss phases and potentially make them a thicker, healthier hair in turn looking like more hair.

There has been no proof to date that any laser therapy can generate new hair follicles and/or take hair follicles that are dead and bring them back to life. We only think that it may help to stimulate sleeping and/or dormant hair follicles, wake them up and possible take hairs that are going through the miniaturization process of genetic hair loss and reverse that phase to make those thin, weaker hairs thicker and healthier.

Posted by: Dr. Charles