Does low-level laser therapy work better for specific types of hair loss? For example, does it work better for someone who has lost the hair due to chemotherapy treatments or someone with male pattern baldness?

There is not enough long-term data from the use of low-level laser therapy on hair to determine at this point which hair types get a better outcome or result from the low-level laser therapy.

There have been patients who have shown an increase in hair growth both post chemotherapy cancer treatments and with regular endogenetic alopecia or male pattern baldness.

When I discuss the low-level laser therapy with patients, I specifically tell them that there are patients who this type of treatment works better on than others, that there is almost a non-existent risk factor involved with the laser therapy and that there have been some cases where the patient did the treatment as dictated by the physician with very minimal results.

Most patients understand this and if they decide to have the low-level laser therapy treatments understand that there is no real physical risk in the procedure. The only real concern to be aware of is the financial requirement needed to pay for the laser treatments.

Posted by: Dr. Charles