How significantly faster or improved is healing associated with PRP?

Since platelet-rich plasma (PRP) therapy is relatively new and has only been used in hair transplantation for less then one year at this time, we are unsure exactly how much faster and/or improved the wound healing is associated with the use of PRP in hair transplantation procedures.

We do, however, know that applying the PRP that includes growth factors, clotting factors and anti-inflammatory properties may help to promote faster wound healing, promote clotting that would prevent bleeding from occurring post-operatively and/or cause quicker hemostasis (the process of stopping bleeding) and possibly help the hair to grow faster.

We are also hoping that it may help prevent shock hair loss following hair transplantation procedures. More time will be needed to study the effects of PRP in hair transplantation procedures before we can answer these questions with any real data and/or facts.

Posted by: Dr. Charles