How long do pimples last after a hair transplant? Can anything be done to get rid of them sooner or to prevent them?

The small pimple-like lesions that occur following hair transplantation procedures are generally referred to as folliculitis. They are small areas of inflammation around the actual hair follicle that can cause a small pustule-like lesion.

There are specific ways to treat these lesions. If there is a white head on the actual lesion, it is okay for the patient to sterilize the end of a needle or a pin, poke a small hole in the lesion and gently extract out the exudate or pus.

Often there is only a very tender, red bump without a head on the lesion. For these type of lesions, it is recommended that a hot compress be placed over that area several times a day until either the lesion shrinks and disappears and/or turns into a more pimple-like lesion and then the first technique can be used to manage it at that point.

To avoid this occurrence is very hard and there is no test to determine which patient will get folliculitis and those who will not.

It is recommended that the patient keep the scalp very clean to try and avoid this condition.

Posted by: Dr. Charles