I am 52 years old with fairly extensive hair loss and am figuring that I am going to need at least two hair transplant procedures. How much time do you have to wait after the first procedure before getting the second one?

Most hair restoration physicians would agree that the final results of any hair restoration procedure takes between 12 and 15 months.

I generally recommend for patients who are considering a second procedure to wait at least one year before receiving transplants to the same area as the first procedure.

Often patient are having a second or third procedure in an area that was not transplanted in the previous procedure. In these cases only six months would be necessary between the first and second case to allow adequate time for the donor area to heal properly.

When an area is going to be transplanted for the second time, it is recommended at least one year between procedures and if two separate areas are being transplanted it is recommended at least six months in between to allow donor wound healing to occur properly before having a second procedure.

Posted by: Dr. Charles