How soon after my hair transplant can I get back to my work-out routine at the gym? Are there any special precautions I need to take?

I recommend that patients wait at least seven days before resuming light work-outs. This includes both cardiovascular work-outs and weight lifting. After seven days, I do allow all weight lifting and some mild cardiovascular work-outs. After two weeks I tell patients that they can resume full normal work-outs of any type.

The reason that most doctors who do hair transplantation recommend that patients refrain from heavy exercise and/or cardiovascular work-outs is to maintain a stable blood pressure throughout the healing process.

It has been theorized that with exercise comes fluctuations in the blood pressure and this may in turn delay the healing of the small neovascularization underneath the scalp that is trying to bring blood supply to the grafts.

Posted by: Dr. Charles