I am a 22-year-old man diagnosed with endogenetic alopecia. If I get a hair transplant done can I trust that my results will last? Given my diagnosis, am I too young for the procedure?

Any patient who has endogenetic alopecia is potentially a candidate for hair transplantation surgery. The exact age when it is appropriate depends on the amount of hair loss, the patient’s family history of hair loss and the patient’s expectations.

I certainly feel that patients 22 years of age and are considering a hair transplantation procedure should proceed very cautiously and conservatively. The fact that there are so many years remaining where the patient could continue to lose more hair in a genetic pattern makes it prudent to reserve as much donor area as possible should hair be needed in the future for other areas.

I have performed hair transplantation surgery on patients as young as 18 and 19 years of age; however, these were done very conservatively with the patient fully understanding that they will most likely need several procedures if their hair loss continues.

Posted by: Dr. Charles