I am a 42-year-old African American female. My hairline is not receding but has always been high. I hate how big my forehead looks and bangs have just never looked good on me. Can this be fixed with a transplant and are there any concerns regarding keloid scarring?

Yes, a hairline can be lowered in an African American female using hair transplantation surgery. I have had many cases over the years of successful hairline surgery in African American females.

In any patient who has dark pigmented skin, including African Americans, Indians and some of the Latin population, there is always a concern regarding keloid scarring.

If the patient has a history of prior keloid scarring, then a sample hair transplant in a tiny little sample area can be performed prior to the actual hair transplant procedure to see if the patient actually forms keloids on their scalp.

It is possible to have had prior keloid formation from scarring on the body and not keloid formation on the scalp.

Posted by: Dr. Charles