I am female, 73 years old and have hair loss. I have ignored it for many years because it just was not that noticeable. Now it is quite noticeable and I am about to start wearing wigs. I am almost a III on the Ludwig Scale. How many grafts would I need? How long would this procedure take? Do you recommend PRP treatments for someone my age?

The number of grafts that are necessary in any case, whether female or male, depends on the amount of hair loss, the type of hair that the patient has and what the patient’s expectations are for a final result. This would have to be determined in a thorough discussion with the physician.

An exact graft count would be determined either in an on-line or in-office consultation.

The procedure generally takes between three and six hours, depending upon the number of grafts performed and the difficulty of the case.

Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) treatments are recommended for all our hair transplantation patients and there is no specific age that has been determined where PRP would be more and/or less beneficial for the patient.

Posted by: Dr. Charles