I am 43 and rank VII on the Norwood Scale. I hate the thought of being bald. I do not care if the hair will be as dense as it used to be, I just want some hair. What is the minimal number of grafts that you would need to take to put some hair on my head? Is there anything that you can do during the procedure to make it seem as though there is more hair?

In patients that have significant hair loss and are higher on the Norwood Scale such as a Norwood VI, VII or VIII, it is necessary for the physician to interview the patient with on-line photographs or in person to determine if the patient has enough donor hair to give them a reasonable amount of coverage over the involved area. Several thousand grafts would be need to be performed and multiple procedures may also be necessary in this patient.

There are a few techniques that can be used during hair transplantation procedures in a layered approach to try and use the patient’s donor hairs to get a greater amount of coverage in the thinning or balding area.

Posted by: Dr. Charles