I have a question about FUE versus FUT. With FUT it is my understanding that the scalp is actually removed whereas with FUE the hairs are just removed throughout the donor area. Does this mean that the donor area with FUE becomes thinner? How noticeable is the thinning?

The Follicular Unit Excision (FUE) is in fact removing individual follicular units from the donor area. If enough of these follicular units grafts have been removed from the donor area, over time it can lead to a thinning appearance in general of the donor area. How noticeable the thinning is basically depends on how many follicular unit grafts were removed, how dense the patient’s donor hair was prior to the procedure, the type of hair and length of the hair that the patient decides to keep in the donor area after the procedure.

This is in comparison to a thin linear scar that would be left following an FUT (follicular unit transplantation) strip donor removal procedure that would most likely be easily covered with any reasonable amount of hair in the donor area.

Posted by: Dr. Charles