I have a vast scar from a previous hair transplantation surgery and I am wondering how this can be repaired.

There is the possibly of scar revisions following hair transplantation surgery depending upon the width and thickness of the scar. That will determine what the physician can do as far as revising the scar and making it smaller.

Sometimes the scar can be removed and some additional donor tissue placed in the area with some additional grafting done at the time.

Other times the scar is too wide or too thick and a scar revision alone needs to be done. In these cases, the scar is removed and the hair above and hair below are approximated (closed) using certain techniques that attempt to reduce the amount of tension on the wound edges.

There is also the recommendation by the physician prior to having a scar revision of manual massaging of the scalp in the area of the scar. This is recommended in an attempt to loosen up the skin in that area and create additional movement of the scalp to allow him to take out the scar and close the wound under minimal tension.

Posted by: Dr. Charles