I have been wearing a hair piece for years now but I would like to get a hair transplant. Do you have any tips for me when making the transition from hair piece to transplant without it being so obvious?

The suggestions I have for patients who are wearing a hair system or some type of artificial hair prior to a hair transplant procedure are as follows.

Prior to having the surgery, I recommend that the patient start removing hair from the hair system or hair piece on a gradual basis starting several months before the procedure.

If the patient can take off enough hair to where it is as thin as it can be without being noticeable to others that the patient is wearing some type of artificial hair, then the transition following the procedure will not be as dramatic.

The patient is allowed to begin wearing the hair piece or hair system post-operatively. It is recommended that as close to one week as possible passes without wearing the hair system prior to actually returning to their normal wearing of this artificial hair device.

Posted by: Dr. Charles