I have heard that large or stretched scars can be a problem with some hair transplants. Is this not the case with FUE?

Larger donor scars from hair transplantation procedures are much more of an issue when the donor area is removed using a strip-type procedure.

With the newer suturing techniques, two-layer closures and tricophitic closure techniques that are now available in hair transplantation procedures, the donor scars are much thinner and often almost undetectable.

Often the stretching of the scars can be caused from the patient exercising too quickly after the procedure and/or doing things that would cause strain to the deeper parts of the donor area before complete wound healing has occurred.

Stretching of scars would not occur with Follicular Unit Excision (FUE). With FUE, however, there are tiny circular punctate scars scattered throughout the donor area. If enough of these follicular units grafts are removed from the donor area, especially with multiple procedures, there is a risk of these small scars combining with each other and leading to a generalized thinning appearance in the donor area.

Posted by: Dr. Charles