I have scheduled two days of hair transplant surgery to fill in both the crown and frontal regions. After the FUE procedure will the donor site show that hair has been lost? What percentage of the donor site is removed?

Following an FUE (Follicular Unit Excision) procedure, whether or not a single day or two consecutive days of surgery is performed, the hair in the donor area will be very short. The reason why the donor area must be shaved prior to the procedure is that it is much easier to perform the surgery and makes the transplant more successful.

The donor area, after it heals (between three and five days) will not show any evidence of hair loss in that region. If multiple FUE procedures are done over a series of procedures, there can be a generalized thinning effect in the entire donor area.

The percentage of the donor site removed depends upon the size of the recipient area and number of FUE grafts required for each procedure. In a large procedure, anywhere between 15% and 25% of the donor area can be removed with a single procedure.

Posted by: Dr. Charles