I have some cobblestoning from a prior hair transplantation procedure. Can FUE be used to fix this?

Cobblestoning is a result of an older type surgery that was done usually more then 10 years ago and resulted in a very un-levelness of the skin in the recipient area. It is due to much larger grafting placed where larger recipient sites needed to be made to place those grafts. Scar tissue formed between the grafts and something called cobblestoning with the feeling of a cobblestone road with an unevenness to the skin was created.

Cobblestoning actually cannot be surgically repaired. There can be additional work done around the prior work that can camouflage the cobblestoning so that it cannot be seen but it does not necessarily fix the cobblestoning.

Follicular Unit Excision (FUE) can be utilized to try and camouflage this or the regular follicular transplantation (FUT) can also be utilized to accomplish this.

Additional hair transplantation with the newer techniques that are available can be used to cover this up so that it is not visible to other people but I would not necessarily say that it is being fixed. The cobblestoning will actually still be present but it will just not be able to be seen.

Posted by: Dr. Charles