If I wear my hair very short is FUE the best option for me?

Follicular Unit Excision (FUE) can be good in people who wear short hair or long hair. Just because a patient has short hair prior to considering a hair transplantation procedure would not mean that FUE would be the only proper procedure for them.

Many patients wear their hair very short because they have hair loss and they want to de-emphasize the areas on their head that still have quite a bit of hair versus the areas that have lost hair. Wearing their hair short can make everything look a little more uniform and decrease the appearance of hair loss.

Often, patients who are considering hair transplantation actually prefer to wear their hair longer but the reason they do not is because they think it is easier to cover up the fact that they have hair loss when they wear short hair.

Some people are candidates for FUE and some people are not. A lot depends on your hair and scalp characteristics. FUE can be more tedious, time consuming and expensive when used on patients who need larger cases and especially on patients who need large sessions. In those cases I still feel that strip procedures are probably the most efficient way to move the donor tissue to the recipient areas.

Posted by: Dr. Charles