I underwent an FUE transplant a little over a year ago. My results were excellent until a few months ago when the transplanted hairs began to fall out. Why is this happening and what can be done?

It is possible that you are going through a period of telogen, which is where the hair follicles go into their resting or dormant phase. This does occur in hair transplantation when many follicles are moved from the donor area to the recipient area.

During a hair transplantation procedure all hair follicles are pushed into their resting or dormant phase at approximately the same time. Therefore, during the next cycle, when the hair follicles return after re-growing and being in their active phase, the next time they go to their resting phase it is possible that this could occur with many of those follicles right around the same time.

If this does occur, you can have a thinning affect in the previously transplanted areas that appeared thicker prior to this recent fallout.

The other option is to use either minoxidil, which is generic Rogaine, or low-level laser therapy to try and increase circulation to the scalp and prevent this cycling or prevent the hair follicles from returning to their dormant or resting phase.

Posted by: Dr. Charles