I am a 32-year-old male and starting to notice some hair loss. I would like to try low-level laser therapy before it gets worse. Do you suggest that I take a hair loss medication along with laser therapy? What type of medication would you recommend?

I do recommend to most patients that are in the early 30-year-old range, are noticing hair loss and are considering low-level therapy to also consider taking Propecia/finasteride in addition to the laser treatments.

The Propecia/finasteride is recommended to block the production of DHT, known to be one of the causes of male pattern baldness or endogenetic alopecia.

The low-level laser therapy works more on a topical basis and it does help to cause vasodilatation in the scalp, increasing blood circulation to the scalp.

Since these two work on totally difference mechanisms, they can be taken at the same time.

Posted by: Dr. Charles