Is anyone ever too young to get a hair transplant? I am 22 and losing hair quickly. If I was to undergo a transplant at this time, what happens in the future? Do I get more transplants? Will my hair look unnatural as it continues to fall out? Will the transplanted hair remain in place?

There is no specific required age for hair transplantation procedures. In all adult patients, depending upon the patient’s situation, there is the potential of being a hair transplant candidate.

It is very important that the physician understand the patient’s situation very closely, taking a detailed history including any hair loss in family members. The patient’s expectations must be very realistic with the understanding that there is a very good chance that the patient will continue to lose more hair as they age and that additional hair transplantation procedures may be necessary.

In all young patients a plan should be established between the patient and the doctor that includes the worse case scenario with the patient continuing to lose much more hair in the future and that enough donor area be preserved for future use procedures.

Posted by: Dr. Charles